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Native Pools of Brevard offers the most efficient and innovative pool service in Brevard County. Whether you have a green pool or are just looking for weekly maintenance on your pool or spa, we have the solution. An efficient system for pool cleaning is essential for anyone that owns a swimming pool. Our services maintain the cleanliness of your pool or spa throughout the entire pool season to ensure that your pool is completely clean and preventing algae and other dangerous bacteria from breeding. Healthy ph levels are necessary to keepyour pool safe, a slimy floor and funny odor are signs of needed maintenance.. We are locally owned and operated specializing in innovative environmentally friendly equipment.

Innovative Eco-Friendly Pool Services!

Call us today for a FREE weekly service estimate, pool water evaluation and chemical balance test. We will explain the condition of your pool water; any needed treatments and provide a no obligation maintenance quote for the weekly cleaning and servicing of your pool and spa.

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Weekly Service

  • Vacuuming and netting the entire pool
  • Brushing of all pool walls, steps, and tiles
  • Circulation maintenance, such as cleaning the pool skimmer, pump baskets, and filters
  • Checking all equipment is functioning properly, such as pumps, timer, pressure, etc.
  • Cleaning the pool sweep bag and filter, wall screens, etc.
  • Testing of pool water, adding any necessary chemicals to balance the water
  • All cleaning products and maintenance chemicals are included.


Service Benefits

  • Helps keep harmful bacteria in check.
  • Maintains a clean, sparkling pool.
  • Allows for inspection and repairs on a regular basis.
  • Keeps filters and other equipment running smoothly, saving energy in the long run.
  • Saves time and money over time through regular maintenance.


Green Pool Service

  • Eliminate Excessive Algae and Bacteria
  • Acid Wash and Chlorine Wash
  • Complete Cleaning
  • Eliminate Mosquito Disease Dangers
  • Avoid City and County Fines